Showing Your Home

Setting the stage for a great first impression can result in Buyers “falling in love” with your home at first glance. There are a number of things that can be done to make their first visit a memorable one.

On the Outside:

Litter picked up
House number easy to read
Garage clean and tidy
Windows washed
Lawns cut and trimmed
Garden weeded
Walks shoveled and salted (in winter of course!)
Door hinges grease so the door doesn’t squeak
Doorbell working
Porch and foyer clean and tidy

On the inside:

All lights turned on
Fresh flowers in various rooms
Doors and cupboards closed
Leaky taps repaired and polished
Toilet Seats down
Burned out light bulbs replaced
Squeaky doors oiled
Mirrors cleaned
Floors cleaned and carpets freshly vacuumed
Closets removed of clutter and organized
Appliances cleaned
Countertops neat tidy
Air conditioner turned on in Summer months
Fireplace lit in Winter months
Drapes opened during daylight
Valuable property removed or locked away
Pets removed or contained during the showing
Litter boxes clean
And most importantly…

REMOVE THE CLUTTER! You are going to be moving so here is your chance to start packing away those items you don’t use on a daily basis.

Some people need a little more assistance than others when it comes to setting the stage for showings. I have a list of Staging Professionals that can assist in making your home show it’s best!


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