Listing Agreements

The Listing Agreement is a formal contract that solidifies my relationship to work for your best interests and commits me to promoting and marketing your home for a specific time period. This document sets out the fee associated with the promotion, marketing and negotiation of an agreement of purchase and sale that is satisfactory to you. This fee is payable upon successful completion of the sale.

Other documents are required in addition to the formal Listing Agreement including:

Survey or Plan of Survey
This outlines the dimensions of the Real Property and the location of all boundaries and buildings. This may also show details from neighboring properties that can affect the value of your property.

Copy of Tax Bill
This is a requirement for listing documents to show what the current annual property tax assessment and the amount owed for tax purposes.

Other Documents
A list of the improvements you have made to the property in the time you have owed it as well as the current costs for electricity, heating, water and other expenses can help in giving perspective Buyers a better idea of the costs associated with your home and the merits of the work you have done to improve it.


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